New Recipes (R&D)

Beyond out educational community

We’re working hard behind the scenes to create products to bring blockchain technology to everyday life, and to put the North East of Scotland at the pinnacle of innovation of this paradigm shift in technology.

Makin’ the Dough

Based on inflation rates of 10%, fiat (government-backed) money will lose half its purchasing power within seven years.

This is in part due to the global monetary system being based on outdated principles, is open to the uncontrolled, unlimited ability to print more money, and the use of aged technology.

Using blockchain technology, Bitcoin was developed to address this problem, creating a money fit for the digital age that we all live and transact in.

Can you imagine paying for your weekly shop with Bitcoin, as easily as a contactless bank card payment? We can. In fact, we’re not alone in that – we are headlining a group of individuals, businesses, and sponsors to bring that technology into reality.

In conjunction with one of our headline sponsors, OGV Taproom

We are carrying out the pilot project with Dough – Bitcoin Point of Sale solution.

At CryptoKitchen, we’re cooking up a storm with Dough, and we can’t wait to bring it to you when it’s hot and ready